Dysart’s Fleet Card Program

Dysart’s Fleet Card Application

Application to obtain a Dysart’s Fleet Card

  • Social Security Number
    Please select one below to choose desired account type and to acknowledge terms.
  • Agreement

    I/We fully understand the credit terms and agree to the proper payment in consideration of extended credit and that all information on this form is true and correct. I/We agree that the bank and references are provided to allow Dysart’s Service to contact them to use in its credit decision and that Dysart’s Service may request further credit information from a credit reporting agency.
    In the event that our account becomes delinquent, I/We agree to pay all finance charges assessed at 1.5% (one point five percent) per month (eighteen percent per Annum) on any unpaid balance over 30 days. I/We also agree to pay all collection costs and legal fees should our account be presented for collection with an authorized agency or attorney.
    I/We do hereby personally, jointly and severally, guarantee payment of this account at all times.