Wood Pellets

We are proud to offer a variety of premium wood pellets in addition to fossil fuels. This all-natural, renewable resource is available for pick up or delivery. Pellets are for sale by the ton, half-ton, or individual bag.

Transported to your Bangor Area home in 40 pound bags. We‘ll place the pallet in your garage; all you have to do is burn them!

Pellets by the Bag 

  • Energex pellets $5.99 a bag
  • T. Wood Maine pellets $5.99 a bag
  • Athen’s pellets $5.99 a bag. Only sold at Dysart’s Truck Stop and by the ton.

Individual bags are available at:

  • Dysart’s Truck Stop fuel desk (24/7)
  • Energex and T Wood Maine pellets are available at all Dysart’s Travel Stops except Holden and Orono.

Bags of Pellets by the Ton

(50 – 40 pound Bags)

  • Energex Pellets $279/ton
  • T. Wood & Sons Pellets (100 % softwood/ Maine White Pine) $279/ton
  • Athen’s Pellets $249/ton

Bulk Pellets (Corinth)

Bulk, one ton Bag $255

Wood Pellets
Wood Pellets

Delivery is available. All brands: $70 delivery fee.

If you have additional questions please contact Corey 207-922-1515 or Michele 207-922-1516, or for our online information form, click here