Maine Firewood

We are lucky to live in Maine where wood is abundantly found and is, therefore, one of the most affordable heating options. That sounds like a wicked good deal to us! As a local business, Dysart’s is able to connect with other Maine businesses and provide great deals on firewood to heat your home at an affordable price.

Green Wood: Harvested less than 3 months ago

Seasoned Wood: Harvested 6 or more months ago


  • Green Wood (delivered): $310.00 a cord* cut and split (3 cord minimum, but with the capacity to haul 4 cord)
  • Green Wood (picked up): $310.00 a cord* cut and split (1/2 cord minimum)
  • 1/2 cord pickups $155.00 per box (green)
  • No Seasoned Wood Available, Winter 2023

*All cords measured by loose thrown cord @ 180 cubic foot per cord.

If you have additional questions please contact Corey 207-922-1515 or Nate 207-922-1516, or for our online information form, click here