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For over 50 years it has been our business to keep you warm!

We are here to make your oil deliveries as simple as possible to keep your business and family running all year long.

Products & Pricing:

Any delivery under 100 gallons will have a $20 service charge. Prices are subject to change. To lock in your price you must pay when you place your order.

Residential Customers Only!

Price includes a $.10/per gallon discount if payment received within 10 days!

Save $.10 per gallon on orders 400 gallons or more.

  • Regular #2 Heating Oil: $3.049
  • Blended Price per gallon: $3.349
  • Kerosene Price per gallon: $4.049
  • Pre-Buy Regular #2: $3.499
photo of heating oil being delivered
Heating oil delivery

If you have additional questions please contact Corey 207-922-1515 or Nate 207-922-1516, or let us know.